Crypto Bear Vol. 1




When the crypto markets head south, have no fear! With the “Bear market strategies course vol. 1”, you will learn almost every trick to still make a profit.  Trade Genius outlines the proper steps and strategies on how to profit if the market falls.  “Their is a bull market somewhere”, is a known quote in the trading community and this course will teach you just how to take advantage of a “bear” market condition.

This Package Includes Lessons:

Lesson 1
In this lesson you will learn what defines a crypto bear market and how to identify a bear market in various time frames.

Lesson 2
In this lesson you will learn what margin trading is, why its required and how to place short margin positions on a crypto exchange

Lesson 3
In this lesson you will learn how to get into our short entry methodology, go over the different short entry setups, setting stops, and putting it altogether on a chart walk-thru.
Lesson 4
In this lesson, you will learn shorting bitcoin via Nadex Spread contracts.  We discuss the pros & cons of using spreads, how to place orders on the platform, and how to manage stops when trading a bitcoin spread.



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